Sunday, February 12, 2012


Residents of Cato voiced out their disapproval against the construction of mining port today, February 12, 2012 during a "public hearing" as they say it, held  at the vicinity of PETRON station, owned by Mrs. Letty Beltran. The meeting was initiated by the barangay chairman Maniago to get a consensus whether the locals are for or against the construction of Mining port in Cato particularly in Amianan. Proposed location of the alleged second terminal port was formerly owned by Juan Meru family.

The proposed location was allegedly bought by the current mayor, Hon. Ruperto Martinez. It was said that it was about to be leased to a foreign-owned mining company. However, a resident mentioned that she sold her property to a private company with office located in Quezon Avenue, Manila. She has no clear idea though if this is the same company that plans to establish a terminal port in Cato. Moreover, another family, owner of house and lot, has sold that property but has not relocated yet as of this writing since full payment for the property has not been given yet.

Currently, the first terminal port is being readied in the so-called BAGATAN area. The property was  formerly owned by Ruiz family. The picture below shows the activity being done on this project.

Backhoe at work digging,  unloading red sand and stones delivered by trucks.

Shoreline in Bagatan now with red sand and stones


Visiting this barrio welcomes you with lush trees on the concrete roadside. Accordingly, local folks are very active in maintaining this intact and keep it as nature intends it to be.

Road that leads to PSU, Bamban, Nangalisan and Doliman

Concrete road makes travel easier and faster

    As trees remain steadfast in silence, sounds of vehicles passing
by signal the progressing activity  in this land

Serene. Exuberant. Green

                           Thanks to the  mighty hands of  our ancestors with their big hearts coming up with these carefully- carved  mini-rice terraces --- glimpse of our Gigantic Rice Terraces in Banaue.

Colors of the Earth

Ricefield is readied for planting.


                              Agriculture school in Infanta, Pangasinan. Thirty-three (33) years in educating students from Infanta and from other neighboring towns.

At around 4 P.M., students get on their feet to get those muscles working.

Younger students get ready for home after a whole day of learning.

                                                    Mr. Noli Maquio supervises this piggery project. He conducts pig cross-breeding, artificial insemination while he himself oversees the place.
Housed at an open-air shelter

Mama pig is having her siesta while her piglets help themselves with some merienda.

Monday, February 6, 2012


                  Fun Boat Ride ! Joined by our generous friends, seasoned seamen.

Relaxed. Calm. Peaceful.

We pass by several "salambaw" on our way to the Island.

White sand of Balaki stands out and more visible during low tide.

After about 20 minutes boating, now our friend is ready to anchor our boat.

puraw, medyo puraw, pumuraw-puraw.. basta white sand Balaki na!

Balaki here we come!

Couldn't wait to bury my feet in the sand!

Feeling the sand with just the right warmth of the sun.. lovely!

Pebbles and shells abound on Balaki shoreline.

Wonderful seashore I have missed to tread on.

where azure, green and cream meet

World under the sea--- extraordinarily breathtaking!

I have lived more than half of my life in Cato and with this
snorkeling experience I just had lately in Balaki,
 the more this place has  become dearer and valuable to me..

Magnificently amazing!

Playing with fishes

Thursday, January 12, 2012


                                      Classic snack that tickles every Ilokano's palate now preparing. Wrapped "malagkit" with banana leaves from the backyard.

Ilokano's authentic delicacy. Perfect match with black coffee.
Topped with sweetened buko ... yummy!


 Naduma-duma iti mapuros ken matangad ditoy Infanta. Nu awan iti mulam nga sarili, makadawat ka iti karruba-- bulong, bunga wenno sabong. Basta laketdi ipakada ta baka adda aso ket makagat ka.

red Calachuchi

orange Orchid

yellow Orchid

red Bougainvillea and red Santan

Banana... grown at a house backyard

Buko in many ways:  Buko juice, Buko salad, Ginataan, Kakanin, Walis ting-ting, kuttukut,Coco lumber, etc.

Real Sampalok is picked not packed for your sinigang.